My fire troupe Pyroteque just had our first huge, choreographed performance as part of a local talent show in Augusta, Georgia. Big thanks to Chantelle aka Sk8nSka for finding out about it and linking me to the tryouts :D I’m the taller of the two fire hoopers, also making a brief appearance with staff during the second song. All of the costumes were hand-sewn by a couple of our members, and we planned all of the choreography ourselves. Everyone did such an awesome job!I can’t wait to do another one of this caliber! 

another video by Glitch. This is Fingers, Pyroteque’s devil sticker. Very awesome dude! The lady at the beginning is Cabbit, and you can see my husband (capngrimbeard) in the background being a safety. 

2012 Pyroteque promo, this time with music! 

My fire troupe’s new promo video, containing clips of our 2011 performances. Video by Lost Monkey Productions. 

Check us out on facebook- Augusta Pyroteque

(p.s. I’m Sparkbug! Spyreaux is lovelyscavenger. The rest of our troupe hasn’t joined tumblr yet :P)